Group travel

If you want to go to the Philippines with a group, we can of course also arrange that trip for you. Below you will find a number of reasons for forming a group and going to the Philippines together. Of course we would like to know more and for that you simply call (+31)6 2060 8418: that is often the quickest way. If you want, we'll call you back: that's no problem.

Group travel associations and foundations

We offer foundations and associations travel to their own destinations. Often these are of course the projects that have been tackled. Of course we ensure that the journey also has some relaxation and if the journey must (partly) serve to finance a goal, you can also count on us.

Traveling study groups

Every year we organize different trips for annual groups of a study program. Due to the age of the participants, we make those journeys extra enterprising and adventurous. Of course we consult with the organization about this and we can predict one thing: it will be great!

Group travel: special groups

There are countless reasons to visit the Philippines as a large or small group: marriages and other family events, business purposes, sporting events and vacation are just a few examples. We offer group travel without guidance or with local guidance, just the way you want it.

Open group travel

Filitravel no longer offers open group travel. This means that you cannot join other travelers to go to the Philippines in a group.

We are sorry that we had to make this decision but the interest was so low that we had to cancel the trip several times. This is a disappointing experience for us as well as for travelers.

We can still be of service to your own group!