Filitravel is just DOING it....

Everyone can book a plane ticket to the Philippines, but there are few companies that can put together a trip for you personally. That is why we may have some more questions in advance and those questions are asked to make a journey that suits you, your 'own' journey.

Tell us your ideas, your expectations, your wishes and we combine them in a journey that we make especially for you. If it is not to your liking, we will make a new trip for you. We will continue until the trip suits you.

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Do you really want to visit some places during your trip or do you want to be active during the holidays? Tell it with confidence and we will take it into account. We do not know in advance what your preference is. Tell us and we will of course take that into account when compiling the trip.

A successful journey for you is also a successful journey for us. And we both strive for a successful journey?

Tell it and we will do it.


Do you want to know what Filitravel can do for you and your journey? Then complete our travel form and you will receive a response from us within one working day.


It will take you a few minutes and those are a few well-spent minutes. You then have a good impression of a Philippines trip and some nice reading moments.


Just do it: fill out our travel form and you know what to expect!

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Whether it is a business trip, a holiday trip, an adoption trip, a honeymoon or any other reason: we take care of the trip from start to finish. And we do so with confidence: we know the country and we know how to find the right places and include them in the journey. This is proven by the fact that we are the longest-established travel organizer to the Philippines.

For you that means: not 'search and hope' but 'tell and enjoy'.


You can largely control the price of a trip by selecting suitable hotels and resorts. We can make that price even more favorable with our contracts with hotels and resorts, selecting a good travel route and with timely booking of all travel components.

Do you have a budget that you want to stay in? Feel free to tell us and we are the watchdog of that budget.