To the Philippines.... also from Belgium?

Of course you can also depart from Belgium:


For us it is no problem where the travelers live and we have already had many Belgian travelers make a nice trip across the Philippines. Filitravel itself is about five kilometers from the Belgian-Dutch border and the distance is therefore no problem.

The content and prices of the trips are of course identical, whether you live in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Our guarantee insurance is also in force for a Belgian traveler. If, for some reason, we are unable to meet our financial obligations, you can invoke the guarantee coverage that we have taken out.

The same also applies to our calamity coverage: if you arrange for your trip to be arranged by us, the conditions of the Calamity Fund state that the guarantee scheme applies to the country of the Netherlands. This means that the Calamity Fund's guarantee applies to agreements with consumers who are either resident in the Netherlands or depart from the Netherlands or have booked on the Dutch (.nl) website.


In short: you can book without extra risks and the only difference is the place of departure. You can choose whether you fly from Brussels or from Amsterdam. So there are no problems. Check our trips offer to see if a nice trip is offered for you ....

If it is not entirely your choice, go to our travel form to display your wishes and we will make your own personal journey for you and your fellow travelers!